Looking to a great 2019

Opportunities are headed our way

It’s a known fact that times of great change are times of great opportunity. If nothing moves or gets shaken up, it’s hard to find new openings.

It’s no secret that we’re now going through a time of extraordinary change. And I believe that much of the change that’s happening will be for the better. I also expect that along the way we’ll experience some, shall we say, turbulence. As the airline pilots tell us, “Stay seated and fasten your seat belts.”

Sometimes, though, staying seated is not possible. What’s one to do when a big setback comes? Or a blow to our ego, or to our business?

We can learn a lot about setbacks from Tom Brady. The New England Patriots quarterback is one of the longest-working and highest-performing athletes around. Brady has said in an interview that he practices physical flexibility and non-resistance mental training regimens. He teaches his body to accommodate and bend with, not fight against, the impacts that come to him. He believes that these disciplines have helped him stay healthy and productive at 41 years of age. This is quite a long time in the NFL world.

Here’s an example from the design world. The great architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Japan to bend in innovative ways. This flexibility was intended to minimize damage from the frequent earthquakes that occur in the region. It proved to be an effective strategy, allowing the hotel to survive the 1923 Great Kantō Earthquake and serve as a sanctuary for displaced local residents. Again, we see that a strategy of non-resistance and flexible accommodation turns out to be effective against violent disruptions coming from outside.

I encourage you (as I remind myself) to stay open to seeing the many hidden opportunities in the coming whirlwind of change. One way we can do that is to make a practice of welcoming each new day with a positive attitude that says “Yes” to life, a flexible posture, and an open mind.

At the bottom of this post is a link to one of my favorite success authors, Earl Nightingale, telling the story of Russell Herman Conwell and the Acres of Diamonds talks that he gave. If you haven’t heard this story, or if you can use a refresher, it’s very inspiring and timely.

The story reminds us to stay alert for opportunities that may not be readily apparent. We need to become, in Nightingale’s words, “diamond miners.”

Here’s to finding new and exciting opportunities in your own backyard in the coming year! Best wishes to you and your loved ones.



Link to ACRES OF DIAMONDS by Earl Nightingale