Why Vantage?


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At Vantage Building Consulting & Design,

we combine in-the-field knowledge of construction with the technological know-how to get the deliverables produced efficiently and accurately. We understand scheduling, quality control, and client satisfaction. Our experience with diverse building types and regulatory environments allows us to produce documents that get the job done right the first time.

Our specialty is producing quality 3D models and drawings that communicate effectively and streamline the approvals and construction process. Our goal is to make you, the client, look good. Buildable, well-detailed solutions and minimizing of regulatory “snags” goes a long way toward overall project success.

We are fluent in both AutoCAD and Revit, as well as other software platforms.


Mark is a recognized authority in CAD and BIM and has written articles featured in CADdigest and CADalyst magazines. See Mark’s CAD blog at www.bestCADtips.com.


We allow you, the client, to decide how much or how little of our services to use, depending on your current needs.  While we strive to build long-term relationships with all of our clients, we are flexible in accepting tasks at your pace, sized to fit your needs.

It’s easy!

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